Maintenance, Backup & Security

Our team will backup your website, update all of your software and do security checks. We will give you recommendations on plugins.

Off Server Managed Care Plan - LIMITED

Managed Monthly Upgrades
Monthly Backups
Monthly 2 hr Telephone Support
Phone Text Support Unlimited
Unlimited Email Support

Monthly Tech Support

Plan Subscriber - 5 Hours per month. This can be interchangeable for consultation, design, or development, including but not limited to this list.
1. Finding the problem and configuring the best solution.
2. Technical support work
3. Emergency support work
4. Backing up and Updating plugins
5. Backing up and Updating themes
6. Data corruption and Security
7. Malware and Virus Scanning
8. Phone Support & Texting Support


Subscribers on a plan with request Emergency Service, have priority Technical Support access to remedy their website problems. Plan Subscribers are to call or text (407) 243-8791 for Technical Support assistance. Anyone needing Emergency Service for their website that is not a Plan Subscriber is required to pay an Emergency fee of $150 to begin the Tech Support process for finding the problem and configuring the best solution. Emergency fee; Covers the first two hours of technical support work. If the problem is complex requiring more than 2 hours to fix, a total cost estimate (Proposal wil be provided. If the problem can be fixed within two hours, the Emergency fee covers the cost.